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Sermon Series: The Book of Acts


Acts sets up the foundation for the nature, growth, life and purpose of the church which is to advance God’s kingdom on earth, ultimately for God's glory. 

The record of the establishment of the Church in Acts is not just for our information, it is for our transformation. In this series we don’t want to be satisfied with studying it, we're asking God to empower us to live it. In order to live it we must know it.

Join us as we go beyond studying Acts as descriptive of the 1st century church to knowing Acts as prescriptive for God's church in all places and all times.


Christians are called to be participants not spectators. Don't just come to hear a sermon on Sunday mornings. Come prepared to engage, be transformed, and impact others.

We invite you to participate with us by studying Acts along with us. We've outlined some steps to help you prepare to participate in our sermons rather than just hearing them.

Beginning February 5 we will be spending several weeks in Acts 1-7. Focus your reading on these 7 chapters.


We prepare to read the Bible by praying. We ask God to turn our hearts toward his word and cause us to understand it as we consider his ways. If you'd like to pray more, Psalm 119 helps us understand the benefits of God's word, God's role in helping us understand it, and how we should respond to it.


Set aside an hour to read the book of Acts in one sitting. Your goal in this is to get familiar with the story line at this point so don't let your reading get hung up on things you want to know more about. That's the point of our study. We'll dig in deeper as we move along. A helpful tip is to listen to the Bible while you read. In most apps that let you listen to the Bible you can raise the playback speed so that it reads aloud at a pace that's comfortable for you to follow along. The free YouVersion Bible app is great for this!


Watch the Bible Project video on Acts 1-12 for a helpful overview of the first half of Acts. This will help plant the story line in your head. You can find that video by clicking the link above and in the YouVersion Bible app.


When you are familiar with the story line then slow your reading down and focus on one chapter each week.

As you read, note:

  • who is doing what
  • what the key words and ideas are
  • what the text is saying about God
  • what the text is revealing about how Christians live in light of what is true about God


Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:45. Come and discover how much more meaningful and impactful sermons are when you have spent time praying and considering God's Word throughout the week.

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